Emotional Alchemy is a powerful journey of self-mastery.

Why do this work ?

This revolutionary method of healing gives you the inner strength and stability to connect to your higher self, creating your life from a place of love.


Emotional Alchemy teaches you to deal with all the feelings that come up on a daily basis in your life.

Combining working with the chakras and the emotional body as part of building an inner system that leads to self-empowerment, you can eventually leave behind the fear-based reality and move into a more loving state of being.

Can anyone do this?

Emotional Alchemy training requires someone to be courageous, to be willing to look in all those places that most of us spend our lives running from.
When you take on this work, it’s about self-healing first.

Paul believes strongly to really be present and help others with their deepest wounds and places of hurt we must have gone to those places within ourselves.

How can you help another to heal and understand that which you have not healed and understood in yourself?

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About Us

Dedicated to Wellbeing

“Hi, I’m Paul, founder of Emotional Alchemy

My journey has been the classic wounded healer, although I have put my time and focus into healing myself first and foremost.
I am now stepping forward ready to share this way of self-healing with others. ​Born in Middlesex, England with an Irish / English heritage I had a tough start in life.

I had to fight my way through life from day one. I was an abandoned and wounded child, which in turn made me an insecure boy and man. I was insecure and completely disempowered.

I realised I was living a nightmare and with the breakdown of another relationship I turned to alcohol and drugs….I realised I was a mess and needed to change.

I just wanted to be healed, to love myself, to feel good about my life and not be so angry….​So I embarked and trained in a series of healing modalities over the course of twenty years; Reiki – all Levels, Yoga diploma, PSA life mastery, Re-birthing, Energy healing & plant medicines training.

After all this I met Master Chung fu, a 9th dimensional being channelled through Sally Pullinger and took on their Deep Soul Connection work for ten years and still to this day.

Through my own healing journey I saw that every relationship I had was mirroring my own pain, that each person’s life is created from their wounds. I saw how so many people are imprisoned by their wounds, living in fear and disempowerment.

​Following my heart and with a whole heap of courage I began to teach people techniques pulling on various methods from my training, a super-charged way to access the deepest parts of your emotional being and heal it, leading to huge transformations in your daily life.

Online…Work with Us

Join us every Thursday at 9pm for an interactive chakra training practice with Q & A.

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In Person…Weekend Retreats In Somerset

Below are our current dates, however more may be added due to demand.
Please contact us for any queries you may have or to request more information HERE.

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2020 / 2021 Events Diary


7th – 9th Aug

4th – 6th Sept

2nd – 4th Oct

30th Oct – 1st Nov 

27th – 29th Nov 


8th – 10th Jan

5th – 7th Feb

5th – 7th March

2nd – 4th April

7th August 2020 

13th – 15th March

10th – 12th April

8th – 10th May

5th – 7th June

3rd – 5th July

31st July – 2nd August

28th – 30th August


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Join Us

Paul’s vision for the future of this work:

  • To train one hundred Emotional Alchemy leaders
  • To build one hundred healing centres worldwide

Paul believes it is this group work that will change the soul consciousness of humanity.

Paul has worked with Master Chung fu, a channelled 9th dimensional being for ten years.
Chung fu has said there are 10% of people currently on the planet looking and ready to take on this work.

So the question is, are you of those 700 million?

Contact Us

Tel: +44 7708 181 991

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