Emotional Alchemy is a transformational healing technique, connecting you to your higher self.  
Transforming the lead dead state of darkness in all its form, into the gold of higher self-soul. 
Learn to be an emotional alchemist for yourself and your world. 
The new and revolutionary method of healing has been developed by Paul Moore, whilst working within the field of holistic therapies for the past 20 years. 
The technique is a working tool, combining a mixture of ancient techniques with modern new discoveries to super charge the process and get faster results from traditional methods of healing.
Using a unique combination of techniques, Paul works with individuals to release emotional trauma or blockages quickly and effectively. 
This ground breaking work has unbelievable results, read some of our testimonials here.

“The work is truly life transforming, I been going for over a year now and I’ve totally change my entire life, from job to house to relationships with my children and family, I cannot recommend it highly enough :-)”

John Drew

What a way to release and heal. I attended this weekend in Cork and was blown away by the experience from start to finish. It definitely allows you to let go and release both the obvious baggage and the baggage buried so deep that you didn’t even realise it was there to begin with. I will definitely be back at the next weekend and would highly recommend it to everyone.Nicki Collins , Cork Ireland.

Nicki Collins