About Paul




Dedicated to Wellbeing

Paul’s journey has been the classic wounded healer-although he has put his time and focus into healing himself firstly..and now 

he feels ready to share his own way of self healing with others 

Born in Middlesex, England with an Irish / English heritage Paul had a tough start in life. 

‘I had to fight my way through life from day one. I was an abandoned and wounded child, which in turn made me an insecure boy and man. I was insecure and completely disempowered.’

After I discovered Reiki 1 at 28 years old, Paul thought he was on the path to enlightenment, and yet just a few years later his world came crashing down around him. 

‘I realised I was living a nightmare. I turned to drugs and alcohol, and I left girlfriend and child. 

I realised I was a mess.  I watched everyone around me and realised I needed to change. 

That was my turning point and when i really began my journey of somehow …returning to love

Paul realised that every relationship he had was mirroring his own pain, that each person’s life is created from their wounds. He saw how so many people are imprisoned by their wounds, living in fear and disempowerment.

Following his heart and with a whole heap of courage Paul began to teach people his techniques, firstly just as one to ones, then slowly building the group up over a course of five years. 

Now there are waiting lists to join his monthly circles. 

Paul has developed from his own experiences a super charged way to access the deepest parts of your emotional being and heal it, leading to huge transformations in your daily life.