What is Emotional Alchemy? 

Emotional Alchemy is a unique method of working, combining many techniques producing incredible and transformational results. We bring in the higher self, which enables you to heal from the inside out.  

Don’t just take our word for it, read our amazing feedback here!

Who is this for? Anyone! 

Everyone is welcome, no experience necessary, just a willingness. It’s for anybody on any level because the work is personalised to you; however, there is a depth to the work that requires a certain level of commitment and understanding. If you really want to make deep changes to your life, it’s going to take focus and determination! 

However we can guarantee you, there is no other technique that will get you the same results as Emotional Alchemy does in such a short space of time.  

What will this do for you? 

We don’t like the term ‘healer’ at Emotional Alchemy, because – you are the healer! 

You can come to work with Paul, and not give your power away. Paul helps you discover your own power to heal your own wounds. 

Do you want to feel strong, empowered, brave, conscious and present? 

In charge of your destiny and life? Motivated? 

Many of our attendees also report pain and illness subside, depression is lifted, anxiety melts away – you hold the key to your own healing – you have the ability to heal yourself. 

 What can it help with? Everything!

Do you feel stuck? Do you have addictions? Depression? Sadness? Trauma? Pain? 

Emotional Alchemy can help you in any way you choose – because for every person, it works differently. You choose what you want to work on. 

Unlike other techniques, you are given tools to empower yourself, you are shown a new way to reach deep inside yourself and gain a deeper level of understanding and knowledge than ever imaginable. 

Once you have experienced this, you realise that only you can possibly know and understand exactly what needs addressing in your day to day life. 

Integration is key to Emotional Alchemy. This work will impact your everyday life, read our testimonials where people report that everything from family and home life to careers change over the course of the workshops. 

What you can expect.. 

Emotional Alchemy encompasses all of the below techniques: 

Breath work, soul retrieval, past life retrieval, shamanic drumming, chakra breathing, rebirthing, releases, sacred sound, journeying, emotional release chakra aligning, chakra toning, chakra balancing, chakra clearing, emotional freedom, inner child, grounding, shamanic work, spirits, angels, the plants, ancestral lines, family constellations, regression, breath, body work, shiatsu, yoga. 

  • Break through limiting patterns

  • Awaken your life purpose 

  • Gain clarity

  • Increase in energy and vitality

  • Enhances detoxification

  • Releases rage, anger and deep emotional trauma

  • Bring in greater peace, clarity and joy 

  • Free yourself to create space and love for the new healthier patterns/experiences emerge

  • Ground yourself to prepare your body for a higher self full embodiment

  • Soul retrieval; retrieving and grounding lost aspects of yourself – as you build the chakra muscles and become clearer, parts of your soul come back, both from this life time and past. 

  • The soul will only come back when the body is energetically strong enough to receive it

It really teaches you about compassion and humility, through finding those deep places within and connecting to our own trauma and pain we find deeper compassion for others, Working in this way not only heals and strengthens the chakras – but also awakens and empowers the light bodies.